Since I was little, I liked rhyming words. Even in high school, I used to write short poems with my friend for fun. I don’t think the poems I made are good though… Continue reading “Rhymes”


Realistic vs Abstract

If I were to choose between realistic and abstract, I would prefer realistic. Although I like drawing nonexistent characters, I don’t think they are considered abstract. I usually just can’t understand abstract art. However, for side quest 4, I attempted abstract though I don’t know if it’s a success or failure. Continue reading “Realistic vs Abstract”


Weakness. This word means a quality or feature regarded as a disadvantage or fault. It could also be defined as a thing that one is unable to resist or likes excessively.

Everybody has flaws or weaknesses no matter how big or small it is. Some might seem to have more flaws than others but nobody is perfect in this world so..who cares? Continue reading “Weakness”

-30 degrees celsius


On 23rd August, we were required to attend a photography exhibition titled Minus Thirty Degrees Celsius at CoDA Gallery in Taylors University. We had a question and answer session with the photographer, Dr. Alex Wong, who told us about his journey in becoming an artist and taking the pictures featured in the exhibition. Although it was short, it was quite an interesting event.